Professor David Baumler teaches courses in the area of Food Microbiology and Computational Systems Biology.

Spring 2017: FScN 4121 Introductory Microbiology

Spring 2017: FScN 1021 Introductory Microbiology

Spring 2016: FScN 4121 Food Microbiology

Spring 2016: FScN 1021 Introductory Microbiology

Spring 2015: FScN 1021 Introductory Microbiology

Fall 2014: FScN 8391 Systems Biology Approaches for Food Science and Nutrition


Genomics and Biological Modeling Course

Topics include:

Week 1: Overview of Genome scale-metabolic modeling

Week 2: Crash course in linear programming and using GAMS

Week 3: Genes, annotations, to comparative genomics

Week 4: From genomes to metabolic networks

Week 5: Conversion of a metabolic network into a computational model

Week 6: What is the Biomass equation?

Week 7: Linear Optimization using metabolic models for biological inquiry

Week 8: Flux Balance Analysis

Week 9: Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis

Week 10: Gene/Reaction essentiality

Week 11: Simulation of host niche environments

Week 12: Gene Deletion strategies and Bioengineering using metabolic models

Week 13: Flux Variability Analysis

Week 14: Integration of high-throughput data with metabolic models

Week 15: Other types of models: Models for Metabolic/Regulatory or transcriptional and translation machinery, and also Eukaryotic organisms (yeast, plants, and mammalian).

Week 16: Looking forward and backward: Paleo and Evolutionary Systems Biology